Criminal Investigations

NKIS has been conducting criminal investigations for defense attorneys, as well as for the private sector since 1985. The criminal investigations performed by NKIS over the years has consisted of both felony and misdemeanor cases. NKIS investigators have been recognized as experts in the field of criminal investigation by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Department of Public Advocacy.

Personal Injury

We at NKIS are routinely retained by local attorney’s and law firms for Personal Injury Investigations. Our success and resources have allowed us to get information in a timely manner!


Service of Process

NKIS has been serving subpoenas since 1974. Our database system is wide ranged and allows us to locate a particular witness for service of process, through various databases and resources. Over the years we have served literally hundreds of subpoenas varying from routine service to the extremely complex service. Another aspect of Process Service is serving civil summonses on defendants who are named in a legal action. Once an order is signed by a judge, an investigation is initiated to locate the defendant and effectuate service of process. NKIS enjoys an impeccable record within the Greater Cincinnati legal community in all aspects of the skillful requirements of Process Service.

Bankruptcy Asset Searches

To consist of, but not be limited to, searches for previous bankruptcy filings, acquisition of credit reports, as well as real property searches and other asset searches as requested by the attorney of record.


Wrongful Death

Wrongful Death investigations are generally more complex than a lot of personal injury investigations. The initial portion of Wrongful Death investigations are similar to that of Personal Injury investigations; however, in most cases this type of investigation is much more in depth.



NKIS is routinely retained by tri-state area attorneys and private clientele for the purpose of ascertaining the whereabouts of witnesses, defendants, or other subjects being sought. The overwhelming success N.K.I.S. has attained over the years in this particular field of investigation is directly attributed to the many databases the company has available for accessing in search of a particular subject.


Activity Checks

NKIS specializes in many aspects of surveillance work including but not limited to the following types of cases:

Worker’s Compensation
Child Custody
Personal Injury

Our investigators are trained experts in this field, and have conducted literally hundreds of activity checks over the years, throughout the entire tri-state area.

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